[:en]Chocolate Cream Liqueur[:]

[:en]A few things about this one[:]
[:en]Natural and handcrafted[:]

Product Benefits: [:en]It tastes and feels soOo good[:]

Usage: [:en]Excellent just on the rocks[:]

[:en]General information[:]

Ingredients: [:en]Pisco, milk, sugar, and, according to the flavour :
Chocolate : cacao powder
Mocaccino : cacao powder, coffee
Coffee : white chocolate, coffee[:]

Weight: [:en]120ml or 500 ml[:]

[:en]Manufacturing information[:]

Manufacturing Process:

[:en]We cook this cream in our laboratory, with white chocolate or cacao powder and Pisco, the flagship liqueur of Peru

Warning, however:

We wouldn’t be able to ship this one outside Peru : ([:]

[:en]Chocolate Cream Liqueur[:]

$ 5[:en].[:]50$ 13[:en].[:]50