Chocolate Cream Liqueur

About the product

Natural and handcrafted product

Product Benefits: Can help digestion

Usage: Excellent in cocktails!

Preservation: 8 months

General Information

Weight: 120 ml / 500 ml

Ingredients: Pisco, milk, sugar And according to the flavour : - Chocolate : cacao powder - Mocaccino : cacao powder, coffee - Coffee : white chocolate, coffee - Mint : white chocolate, mint - Muña : white chocolate, muña - Chirimoya : white chocolate, chirimoya

Percentage of alcohol: 23%

Manufacturing information

Manufacturing Process:

1. We boil pisco
2. We boil milk. For the white cream, we mix it with white chocolate, and for the chocolate color creams, we mix it with cacao powder and sugar.
3. We add the pisco to the cream.
4. We let the liqueurs macerate and then bottle them.

Chocolate Cream Liqueur

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