[:en]Cacao butter[:]

[:en]You shouldn't leave this site without cacao butter...[:]
[:en]A single ingredient that beats the most expensive creams![:]

Product Benefits: [:en]Because cacao butter is a fat, just like your skin, it penetrates further than the surface and moisturizes deeply[:]

Usage: [:en]Rub like a bar of soap on your belly, legs, arms, hands, face...: the butter will melt lightly onto your skin
If you suffer from dry hair, apply on the damaged tips[:]

[:en]General Information[:]

Ingredients: [:en]Cacao butter[:]

Weight: [:en]80g[:]

[:en]Manufacturing information[:]

Manufacturing Process:

[:en]The cacao butter is extracted from the cacao paste with a press. We just mold it into a practical bar for your bathroom.[:]

[:en]Cacao butter[:]

$ 4[:en].[:]50