[:en]Cusco Cooking[:]

[:en]You are the Peruvian Chef![:]


[:en]Tour the San Pedro market with a knowledgeable guide, to discover local fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and breads, including some which are unique to Peru![:]
[:en]Cook, under the guidance of a bilingual chef, a whole meal made of the best of Peruvian food[:]
[:en]Raise your own handmade Pisco Sour in a toast to your holidays[:]
[:en]Enjoy a meal of traditional Peruvian dishes[:]
[:en]What's included?[:]
[:en]Memories and a great meal[:]
[:en]A fun and educational experience[:]
[:en]Enjoying and sharing your culinary masterpiece with the entire group[:]
[:en]Printed recipes to take home[:]
[:en]Food, Pisco, and soft drinks[:]
[:en]General Information[:]

[:en]From Monday to Saturday: At 5pm for dinner
On Sunday: At noon for lunch[:]

[:en]Approximately 4 hours – includes prep time and dining[:]

[:en]Available in English and Spanish[:]

[:en]$49 per person
Book today and get a refund anytime[:]

[:en]Between 2 and 15 participants
Upon request, your class can be private (only your party members)[:]


ChocoMuseo Plaza Regocijo

Plaza Regocijo 216