Our Products

In ChocoMuseo you will  not only find yourself in a free and interactive place full of chocolate secrets (like its history, its nature, its production and  fun facts). You will also encounter a wide range of chocolate themed products. 

We enjoy designing these original, fun, tasty and beautiful products, as well as producing them. 

It won’t come to you as a surprise that our main product is chocolate! However, we’d like to emphasize the fact that our chocolate is artisanal, and prepared right from the cacao bean. We have chocolate bars with fruits and spices, chocolate candies in all colors and shapes, chocolate truffles, chocolate energy bars, chocolate cookies, chocolate covered marshmallows, oreos, nuts and dried fruits, chocolate jams, chocolate liqueurs -and this list is not even halfway through!

We also offer many choices of 100% cacao foods, unbelievably healthy and positive for your frame of mind, such as our now famous cacao husk tea, cacao beans, nibs, and 100% cacao chocolate bars.

Additionally, you’ll find a variety of cacao and chocolate related craftworks such as ceramic mugs, carved molinillos, stone mortars, leather notebooks and other novelties.


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