Bean to Bar Workshop

Granada, Nicaragua

General Information

Everyday: 9am, 11am, 2pm y 4pm

Actual workshops lasts 2 hours
Chocolates ready to be picked up the following hour


Available in English and Spanish

Children(<12):  $20
Adults:  $25

In case you are booking for a single person, we may contact you to coordinate either a change in the schedule of your workshop (in order to have you join an existing group), or a full refund.


You’ll make your chocolates right from the cacao bean

You’ll prepare and try drinks like the Maya and Conquistadores used to

You'll leave with your own handmade chocolates, customized the way you like them, and bring them back to your friends and family

What's included ?


Learning all the chocolate making process, starting from the cacao tree in the jungle


Learning the origin of chocolate, and its history


Making your own chocolates (50g) with milk or dark chocolate and more than 15 different flavorings

ChocoMuseo Granada

Calle Atravesada, frente a Bancentro, Granada, Nicaragua

ChocoMuseo Granada
Calle Atravesada, Granada, Nicaragua

Calle Atravesada, frente a Bancentro, Granada, Nicaragua