White chocolate bar

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Sweet, and delicate!

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General information

Weight: 75 gr

Ingredients: Pure cocoa liquor

Allergens: none

Nutrition information:

Cacao information

Variety of cacao: Cocoa Criollo

Production region:


Manufacturing process:

  1. Drying of the cocoa beans
  2. Roasting, which allows, in addition to revealing the flavors, to separate the bean from its shell
  3. Molding, to obtain the cocoa liquor
  4. Tempering
  5. Making of the bars

About the product

Product benefits: Cocoa contains theobromine, a molecule responsible for our well-being, but also that facilitates blood circulation and reduces stress.

Usage: To eat directly for those who love the bitterness of cocoa, or to make hot chocolate or chocolate desserts.

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 15.7 × 7.7 × 1 cm
Sanitary registration

G3000214N NACOSC


natural, oreo, coca, aji (chili)