Natural and handcrafted product

Product Benefits: - Regeneration of the skin - Glycerin, made from vegetable oils, has many positive properties for the skin : hydration, softening, protection of the skin and improvement of its elasticity.

Usage: Soaps are organic and natural products that can be used on all types of skin.

Ingredients: Organic cacao butter, glycerin And according to the flavor: - body scrub soap: cacao nibs, essential oil of olive - chocolate soap: chocolate - lemongrass soap: essential oil of lemongrass - passion fruit soap: essential oil of passion fruit


Manufacturing Process:

1. Dissolution of the cacao butter and the glycerin on a water bath
2. Depending on the fragrance, adding of essential oils. For the passion fruit soaps, the pulp is used in food products, while the beans are dried and reused to make soaps.
3. Filling of the containers with this cream
4. Solidification in the refrigerator


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