Raw cacao beans

Raw cacao beans

Reasons this one is awesome

The best about it: Natural and handcrafted product

Product Benefits: - Full of antioxydants - Cacao contains theobromine, a molecule responsible for our well-being, but also that facilitates blood circulation and reduces stress.

Usage: To eat directly for those who love the bitterness of cacao. You can also roast it for about thirty minutes, and after eat directly the bean, or separate the bean from the shell, eat the bean and made infusion with the shell.

General Information

Ingredients: Peruvian organic cacao beans

Weight: 200 gr

Cacao Information

Variety of cocoa: cacao Criollo

Production region: Quillabamba, Peru

Aromas: fruits

Manufacturing Process:

1. Drying and fermentation of the cacao beans

Raw cacao beans

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