Milk chocolate bar

Unusually high content in cacao (42%), for a milk chocolate bar

Product Benefits: The theobromine contained in cacao increases well-being, facilitates blood circulation and reduces stress.

Usage: Ready to enjoy!

Ingredients: 42% cacao: organic cacao paste, organic cacao butter, milk, sugar, and natural insert according to the type

Weight: 75 gr

Variety of cocoa: cacao Criollo

Production region: Tingo María, Peru

Aromas: Fruits

Manufacturing Process:

  1. Harvest, fermentation and drying of the cacao beans
  2. Roasting, which allows, in addition to revealing the flavors, to separate the bean from its shell
  3. Grinding, to obtain the cacao paste
  4. Mixing of all the ingredients
  5. Refining, so that the chocolate is smooth
  6. Tempering, following the appropriate temperature curve, in order for the chocolate to be shiny and its texture homogeneous
  7. Molding of the bars

Milk chocolate bar

$ 6.60