70% – Single Origin

Reasons this one is awesome
It is made out of fine aroma cacaos from Peru

Product Benefits: Cacao contains theobromine, a molecule responsible for our well-being, but also that facilitates blood circulation and reduces stress.

Usage: To eat directly!

General information

Ingredients: Organic cacao, cacao butter, sugar

Weight: 75 gr

Cacao information

Variety of cocoa: Cocoa Criollo

Production region: Tingo María, Peru

Aromas: Fruits

Manufacturing Process:

1. Harvest, fermentation and drying of the cacao beans
2. Roasting, which allows, in addition to revealing the flavors, to separate the bean from its shell
3. Grinding, to obtain the cacao liqueur
4. Pressing to separate the cacao to its butter
5. Mix of all the ingredients then refining, to obtain an homogeneous texture
6. Tempering, following the appropriate temperature curve
7. Molding of the bars

70% – Single Origin

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