Return Policy and Return Form

If your reservation is for less than 3 people, and if no one joins your schedule, we may have to cancel your workshop. In this case, we'll either reschedule it or give you your money back, according to your wishes.
We can change the schedule of your workshop upon request (at no extra cost), provided that we receive it before the beginning of your workshop, either by e-mail, telephone or directly at ChocoMuseo.
If you wish to cancel your reservation before the beginning of the workshop, we'll give you a credit at ChocoMuseo, equivalent to the amount you deposited.
In case of no show, the whole deposit will be lost.

If you wish to cancel your reservation, we'll proceed to a partial refund that amounts to your deposit value minus our incurred expenses. That refund will have to be picked up in cash at ChocoMuseo.

Download Sample Return Form