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Fantastic workshop (Stacey White, UK)

We decided to take part in the workshop after a recommendation from a fellow traveler and we were not disappointed! 

Our host was Raysa and she was absolutely fantastic! Her English is perfect (the best English I have heard from anyone in Guatemala!) and she was so enthusiastic and friendly. The workshop was a great mixture of educational (all about the history of chocolate and the manufacturing process) and hands on and we went away with some gorgeous chocolates which we made ourselves. 

A fantastic way to spend a couple of hours and I went back two days later to buy more chocolate! :)

ChocoMuseo Antigua, Guatemala

OMG! Yum! Mayan hot chocolate and fondue (Mindy, North Carolina)

This was probably my ultimate favorite as I am still dreaming about their hot chocolate and fondue. I wish had their recipes as I have been trying to replicate their hot chocolate with no success. You must go here!

ChocoMuseo Cusco

So much fun (Ashley)

My friend and I signed up for the chocolate making workshop- and it was so fun and interesting! Our instructor, Pablo, was terrific. Very enthusiastic and fun and you can tell he loves his job. We learned the history of chocolate making, then roasted cacao beans, ground them up, made different kinds of hot chocolate. Then got a bowl of chocolate to pour into molds and create our own! And it is so tasty! This was even more worthwhile than I had expected. And the price is not bad (150Q) considering our workshop was almost 2 hours and you keep all the chocolate you make.

ChocoMuseo Antigua

Great experience (Yanif, Florida)

If you are a chocolate llover, you must to visit this place. This place is good to enjoy with family, Friends, or couples. Great!

ChocoMuseo Punta Cana

Chocolate fun (Adam, Wisconsin)

We experienced nothing but the best customer service, good food, fun and educational chocolate workshop.

ChocoMuseo Antigua

Fat and Fabulous (Jan, Australia)

Chocolate lovers beware! You'll never want to leave this place! History combined with hot chocolate as you've never drunk it before. Great concept AND you can even make your own chocolate candies if you're so inclined. Well worth a visit!

ChocoMuseo Lima

Wonderful experience. A must while in Granada (Stringbean, South Carolina)

My family of 4 had the all you can eat buffet breakfast for $6 each and then took the 2 hour chocolate making class. Ismael was a fun instructor. We made 3 different chocolate drinks and 1 chocolate bar from the cocoa beans we roasted and ground ourselves. Very interactive and entertaining workshop.

ChocoMuseo Granada

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