Great variety of chocolate products

In ChocoMuseo, we make chocolate right from the bean or the cacao paste (organic and local).


We use this chocolate to make traditional bars (70% cacao, 50% cacao and milk chocolate) but also to prepare all sorts of trufles.


Our range of products includes:

Chocolate bars with a wide range of flavors
Pralinés and truffles
Pure cacao paste
Chocolate barks


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Chocolate made from bean to bar

How we prepare our chocolate

Chocolate process
Chocolate from the cacao pod to the chocolate bar

In every ChocoMuseo we have a small chocolate factory.
While visiting the museum, you will be able to see it, and observe how we produce chocolate right from the beans (or sometimes from the cacao paste).

Our chocolate is made of organic cacao beans (or cacao paste) from the country where we are located. At ChocoMuseo, we use a handicraft manufacturing process, which is quite close to the industrial process that is described in the following diagram:

When we first started to make chocolate, we did not separate the chocolate powder from the cacao butter because it was possible to make chocolate without adding additional cacao butter to the recipe. After different tests, we found out that the chocolate can be smoother and easier for us to process by adding extra cacao butter to our chocolate.
Cacao butter is obtained by pressing cacao paste and heavy machines are needed. We do not have these machines at ChocoMuseo and need to purchase our cacao butter to various providers in the different countries.

In every country we have to start with different products depending on what is available in the country:

  • In Perú, we buy our organic cacao beans from a cooperative called "EPCO Tocache" and then roast and peel them with the help of Lucio (our official roaster). Lucio turns the cacao nibs into a paste and then we process this cacao paste into chocolate. Our organic cacao butter is provided by a cooperative called "Naranjillo".
  • In Guatemala, it is very hard to find high quality cacao beans in good quantity. When we find cacao beans we send them to Guatemala city for them to be roasted, peeled and ground into a cacao paste. When we do not find cacao beans, we purchase high quality cacao paste directly from Fernando (owner of Fernando's kaffee) who also processes his own chocolate. From this cacao paste, we turn it into chocolate in our chocolate grinders. Our cacao butter is processed by the same company in Guatemala city from the cacao beans we provide or bought to Fernando.
  • In Dominican Republic, we buy our organic cacao paste and cacao butter from CONACADO (the largest cacao cooperative of the country) and process our chocolate starting from these two ingredients. We did not find anyone to roast our cacao beans so we may install our own roasting/peeling/grinding facilities on site. (Project to follow).
  • In Nicaragua, we buy organic cacao beans from a cooperative called "la campesina" in Matiguas. Then we roast, peel and grind them to turn them into a cacao paste and then process it into chocolate. We do not use additional cacao butter in Nicaragua in our recipe because it is impossible to find someone to process it.

At ChocoMuseo we also offer you to make your own chocolate! See you in one of our Chocolate Workshops.