Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is one of the most beautiiful city in SOuth America and in the World and Colombia grows some of the finest cocoa in the World so naturally we decided that it would be great to produce chocolate in that city.

We are open since December 2015 and really proud to receive you in our beautiful and new chocolate museum. Entrance is free, staff is cheerful and chocolate is delicious like always! 

Activities information

In Cartagena, we offer the following activities:


  • Free visit of the cacao and chocolate museum to learn more about the food of the Gods
  • Free visit of our artisanal "bean to bar" chocolate factory
  • Delicious chocolate drinks and cakes
  • A wonderful shop with delicious chocolate treats and Peruvian handcraft
  • Chocolate making workshop (Book it now!)

Chocolate workshops

Our best workshop! For chocolate lovers!
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If you are in a hurry or with young kids
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Opening hours



10:00am until 10:00pm

Since December 2015




Tel: (+57) (035) 566 41 816

Cel: (+57) 318 790 71 80

Cel: (+57) 322 687 25 56


Parque Fernandez de Madrid calle 7 no.36-145

Cartagena - Colombia