Deluxe Chocolate Workshop

La Fortuna, Costa Rica


Visit a real cacao and coffee plantation to learn about how they grow and are managed
Back in ChocoMuseo, make your own chocolate right from the cacao bean
Prepare and try drinks like the Maya and Conquistadores used to
Take home your own handmade chocolates

What's included ?

Trip to the plantation
Learning all the chocolate making process, starting from the cacao tree in the jungle
Learning the origin of chocolate, and its history
Making your own chocolates (80 g) with milk or dark chocolate and more than 15 different flavorings

General Information

Everyday at 3:15pm

Actual workshops lasts 3 hours Chocolates ready to be picked up the following hour

Available in English and Spanish

Children (<12): $38 Adults: $49

Up to 25 people per workshop

The menu you'll be cooking

TitleAddress Description
ChocoMuseo La Fortuna
Costado Sur del Parque de, Provincia de Alajuela, La Fortuna, 21007, Costa Rica

In the building of the south east corner of the main plaza, on the 2nd floor