New study in the genetic of the cacao plant

Genetic of Cacao Map
Location of the 10 varieties of cacao

According to a study published in 2008, the division of the cacao varieties in three main families (criollo, forastero and trinitario) should be replaced b a new division formed by 10 varieties (Amelonado, Contamana, Criollo, Cuaray, Guiana, Iquitos, Marañon, Nacional, Nanay, Purús).

From these 10 varieties, 6 can be found on the territory of Peru making thus this country the richest in cacao trees diversity.

You can download the studi with the link below.

Donwnload the study
Geographic and Genetic Population Differentiation of the Amazonian Chocolate Tree (Theobroma cacao L)
Genetic of Cacao.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 235.7 KB

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