Nicaraguan drink: el pinolillo

Pinolillo from Nicaragua
Pinolillo drink in a jicaro

Pinolillo is a traditional Nicaraguan drink that has transcended time, orginiating with the indiginous people who populated this region long ago. Pinolillo is made using a powder of dried, toasted and ground corn kernals, cacao, spices and either milk or water.  The pinolillo that we make in ChocoMuseo always contains the best organic cacao – well fermented, dried, toasted and winnowed. Once the cacao is ready, we mix it with toasted corn, our special spice mixture of cinnamon and cloves and a dash of sugar and grind all the ingredientes together to create a fine aromatic powder. In ChocoMuseo we mix our homemade pinolillo powder with milk to create the delicious, Nicaraguan specialty.


In Nicaragua the drink is served in traditional cups called jicaras. Jicaras are made using the gourd-like outside of the fruits of the Jicaro tree. These jicaras are individually created by hand with elaborate carvings of local flowers and images of the countryside, converting the individual cups into true works of art.

Over the years pinolillo has spread to other countries. This traditional Nicaraguan drink has taken on diverse forms in other places and can be found in areas throughout Central America. Some
people make the drink with water, some with milk, some people add lots of sugar but it is always drunk cold!

Come visit ChocoMuseo in Granada and try our tasty pinolillo in the cafe! Buy some of our pinolillo powder and make it at home to remember the wonderful time you spent visiting Granada!

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    Karin Narvaez (Wednesday, 12 March 2014 19:02)

    I want to buy sum pinolio n nacatamal my mother use to do me all those great food I want to Learn how to do nacatamal

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    ofelia romero (Sunday, 14 September 2014 20:14)

    u say pinollio is always drunk cold. not true my mom makes a hot drink with the pinollio powdw
    er. i like it cold with lots of ice almond milk water and sugar in the blender, delicious. i would like to buy pinollio powder.

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    Writing Help By Assignment Corp (Monday, 27 February 2017 10:49)

    Pinolillo or pinol is a sweet cornmeal and cacao-based customary drink in Nicaragua. It is made of ground toasted corn and a touch of cacao. It can be blended with water or drain, served sweetened or unsweetened.

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