Peruvian pisco and chocolate tasting

Peruvian pisco and chocolate truffles
Pisco and chocolate tasting

During “La Semana del Sabor”, an event with the help of the French Embassy of Peru to celebrate gastronomy, ChocoMuseo and Museo del Pisco gave the opportunity to curious to taste the combination of chocolate truffles with Pisco.

If Pisco is one the most fascinating brandy that exists and Peruvian cacao is one of the best in the world, why do we not combine their flavors?

Four truffles were chosen especially for this occasion for their perfect association with aroma and flavor of Pisco: Honey, Cardamom, Coffee and lemon.

Of course, each truffle is different and the association with the right Pisco requires a good nose and a good palate.  

The following couples work very well and amplify the flavors of cacao and Pisco at a time:

  • Honey truffle with Pisco Tacama (Quebranta)
  • Cardamom truffle with Pisco Porton (Mosto verde acholado)
  • Coffee truffle with Pisco Cepas de Loro (Mollar)
  • Lemon truffle with Pisco Viejo Tonel (Moscatel)

Enjoy this tasting!

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